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Company Population
contractors Population
  Company Contractors Indicator Company Contractors TOTAL
N2 Total Recordable Incedence  Rate TRIR
N3 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate LTIF
N4 Average Time Lost Rate/weeks ATLR
N5  Work-related hospitalizations Rate  

N1 = Annual  total number of days of sick leaves
N2 =  Annual total number of work-related injuries and illnesses
N3 = Annual total number of cases involving days away from work
N4 = Annual  total number of days of sick leaves due to work related injuries
N5 = Annual number of hospitalization due to work-related injuries and illnesses
N6= Average workin hours per year for one employee
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1- Absence Due to Illness   The total number of days of sick leaves divided by total working days of all employed persons, Percent
2- Total Recordable Incident  Rate TRIR Number of new cases of occupational injuries and illnesses  during one year divided by total working hours of all employed persons, x 200,000
3- Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate LTIF Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate  is the number of incidents involving lost time from work greater than
4- Average Time Lost Rate  ATLR  is the average time lost (weeks) per each lost time incident during ONE YEAR.
5-  Work-related hospitalizations Rate    calculated by dividing the total number of work related hospitalizations by the number of total employed persons X 100
6-  Work-related fatality Rate    calculated by dividing the total number of all work related fatalities by total number of  workers X 20000

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