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Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing phase in a women’s life which lasts about 40 weeks. A female goes through a lot of changes during this phase physically, emotionally and mentally. A healthy pregnancy eventually leads to a healthy baby and this is attributed to the fact that the mother is free from diseases and deficiencies and gaining enough weight to support the new life inside her.


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Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?

Its normal to gain weight during pregnancy because there a lot of changes happening in the body of the mother. Weight gain happens due to lot of factors such as growing size of the foetus, placenta, amniotic fluid, changes in the shape and size of the breasts, uterus etc. However gaining too much weight and weighing too low is a matter of serious concern as it might be due to underlying diseases .

Increased weight gain leads to complications such as gestational diabetes, postpartum water retention and so on. On the contrary less weight gain causes preterm births and low birth weight babies whose weight is less than 2.5 kgs.