Target Heart Rate for Moderate-Intensity:
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Target Heart Rate for High-Intensity:
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Maximum Heart Rate: - bpm

bpm: Beats per minute


The target heart rate is how fast the heart should beat during physical activity.

  • Max Heart Rate Equation
    MHR = 220 - Age
  • Target Heart Rate Formula (moderate-intensity)
    THR = MHR * (0.64 to 0.76)
  • Target Heart Rate Formula ( vigorous-intensity)
    THR = MHR * (0.77 to 0.93)
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Dr. William Haskell and Dr. Samuel Fox

The maximum heart rate formula is attributed to Dr. William Haskell and Dr. Samuel Fox. This formula was developed in the early 1970s during their research on the relationship between heart rate and exercise.

The Target Heart Rate (THR) formulas are recommended by several health organizations, including the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These organizations endorse these ranges to help people manage and monitor their physical activity levels effectively.