The following ten statements refer to how you usually feel. Per statement you can choose one out of five answer categories, varying from Never to Always. Please choose the answer to each question that is applicable to you. (Fatigue Assessment Scale)

In the last month:
- 1. I am bothered by fatigue
- 2. I get tired very quickly
- 3. I don’t do much during the day
- 4. I have enough energy for everyday life
- 5. Physically, I feel exhausted
- 6. I have problems to start things
- 7. I have problems to think clearly
- 8. I feel no desire to do anything
- 9. Mentally, I feel exhausted
- 10. When I am doing something, I can concentrate quite well

Your fatigue score =



This test should be used only as a guidance; it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

*Score Interpretation

Total Score

Perceived Fatigue Level

10- 21




Over 35


*Source: Fatigue Assessment Scale (FAS). Developed by: