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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Target Heart Rate (THR) range values are often calculated to ensure exercise intensity is maintained at a desired level. This calculator automatically calculates THR ranges.

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Calculated Target Heart Rates

intensity hrr % target range hr max % target range rpe
Very Light <19% {{tHrrValue(0.19)}} <34% {{tHrmaxValue(0.34)}} <10
Light 20% - 39% {{tHrrValue(0.2)}} - {{tHrrValue(0.39)}} 35% - 54% {{tHrmaxValue(0.35)}} - {{tHrmaxValue(0.54)}} 10 - 11
Moderate 40% - 59% {{tHrrValue(0.4)}} - {{tHrrValue(0.59)}} 55% - 69% {{tHrmaxValue(0.55)}} - {{tHrmaxValue(0.69)}} 12 - 13
Hard 60% - 84% {{tHrrValue(0.6)}} - {{tHrrValue(0.84)}} 70% - 89% {{tHrmaxValue(0.7)}} - {{tHrmaxValue(0.89)}} 14 - 16
Very Hard 85% - 100% {{tHrrValue(0.85)}} - {{tHrrValue(1)}} 90% - 100% {{tHrmaxValue(0.9)}} - {{tHrmaxValue(1)}} 17 - 19


Heart Rate (HR) is the number of times your heart beats per minute.

Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax) is the highest number of beats per minute of the heart when reaching a point of exhaustion without severe problems through exercise stress.

Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) is Your heart rate reserve is your maximum heart rate minus your resting heart rate. So, if you are 40 years old, your maximum rate is 180. Next, subtract your resting rate (we'll say 80 in this example) and your HRR is 100 beats per minute.

The Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is a way of measuring physical activity intensity level. Perceived exertion is how hard you feel your body is working based on physical sensations experienced during exercise.

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